Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My kids won't listen anymore!

So, I decided I would just make a blog to track my obsession. What is that obsession?  Well basically all things space. If it's up there and visible after dark I want to know about it. I spend far too much time reading and googling space related topics. I find pictures all the time that I think are neat but no one in my house wants to see it anymore. I have a crick in my neck, a decided lack of sleep on astronomical nights and I can't tell you how close I have come to freezing off some bits at night. I have more than a passing interest in backyard astronomy but lack any kind of education. In my adult life I have merely searched for answers to the questions that pick at my brain. I will now use this space as my info dump to spare my husband and children the pain anymore.  If at any point someone has something they think I would find interesting PLEASE share. Perhaps someday my kids will finally spark some interest and come see what mom has done???

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