Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I read ALL the time so I should probably throw some of my more bizarre reads on here. For the most part I read Childrens' Astronomy books, they have great pictures and dumbed down language. Hey I am not Steven Hawking, I get confused when things go to far into the math realm. Though every so often I will surprise you.  So without further ado here are some of my recent favorites.

The Alien Hunter's Handbook by Mark Brake:  
Brilliant! The explanations of how live came to be on Earth as well as evolution is fantastic. The illustrations are very amusing and pulled my eye to the little tidbits of information provided by each. This book not only gives well thought out Scientific explanations, in an easy to digest form it also opens the mind to vast possibilities. The references and experiments in the back are pretty neat as well. This is one of my new favorite "Alien" books.

Children's Night Sky Atlas by Robin Scagill:  
This atlas had a wealth of knowledge and kept me looking long after I finished reading the pages. The photographs and illustrations from space were very impressive. The broken down sky maps through each month are very helpful when looking at the night sky. I borrowed this book but feel I could purchase this one as a handy reference. Most of the explanations were simplified though not too dumbed down. I would recommend this book to newer star gazers and children of course.

Earth: The Life of Our Planet by Mike Goldsmith:
Brilliant illustrations, and easily understood facts. The timeline and clocks were very helpful. I appreciate that the dates are guesstimates but one can't possibly now the actual dates. I found this book woke my brain to some new questions I want answers to and THAT is why I read things like this. There wasn't an overload of information on any pages and the explanations were complex but not overly so. Again an excellent, I think adults can appreciate this book as well as children.

Alien Investigation:  Searching for Truth About UFOs and Aliens by Kelly Millner Halls: 

This had a nice balanced presentation of information. The book has a "can you imagine" story from an Alien perspective to follow along with the facts. Presents several stories of Alien and UFO encounters from around the world. There is excellent photographs and illustrations as well as various expert Q & A.

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